Retirement planning doesn't have to be confusing.

We are here to listen to your retirement goals, create a customized plan, and help you every step along the way.

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What We Do

We like to think of retirement planning like getting a checkup. Instead of focusing on a single aspect, we focus on the totality of your needs and help you create a long-term plan with common-sense solutions designed with your goals in mind.

retirement services - Retirement Coaching

Retirement Coaching

Most people focus on having a great financial plan for retirement. They forget to plan for the other things that make retirement an exciting time of life. RichLife Retirement Coaching will help you create a fun, fulfilling and successful retirement that totally lights you up.

retirement services - Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning doesn't have to be complicated and confusing. Because of our proprietary step-by-step process, RichLife Retirement clients experience extraordinarily high levels of clarity, confidence and certainty about their retirement.

Who We Are

RichLife Advisors have helped thousands of Georgians plan for their retirement and protect their estates. We are not sure if our clients benefit more by the relationship they have with us, or if we benefit more by getting to know them. Either way, we have been privileged to get to know so many great Americans.

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What People Are Saying

Nicholas Trapper

“The Richlife by Beau Henderson is refreshingly different. It has none of the three attributes mentioned and instead the author goes to great lengths to present his information as simple and entertaining as possible. Granted, there’s only so much one can do to the subject to not make it boring, but Mr. Henderson does a good job with it. The information itself is solid and based off of his own experience. Anyone with any concern about their financial future would be doing themselves a favor by checking this book out and studying the advice offered.”

B. Michael Murphy

“Life is never as simple as often presented in so many books. It is all too easy to seek after riches and never reach the goal. But, if you are looking for a book that lays a solid foundation for attaining wealth and a rich life this is the book to read. The author presents a definition of a rich life in such a way that places wealth in its proper perspective. He provides a framework for the true enjoyment of wealth and financial gain. If you follow the 10 principles presented in this book not only will you have a plan to follow in the pursuit of wealth, you will learn to enjoy the pursuit itself. I highly recommend this book to everyone in whatever phase of life you may be in.”

Bill Lampton, Ph. D

“More than once in this book, Beau Henderson says that achieving the Rich Life is an “inside job”–meaning inside our mind set. He shares with readers the fiscal philosophy he has advocated for the hundreds who have become his clients, heard his popular radio show, and attended his seminars. Rather than considering money the most significant factor in measuring success in business and life, he labels dollars of any denomination “dead presidents on paper.”

Richard R. Blake

“The Rich Life – Ten Investments for True Wealth” will resonate with those individuals seeking true fulfillment in all aspects of life.”

Joel and Dr. Pei, hosts of ReLaunch

“Don’t just listen to Henderson’s book, STUDY IT and follow its guidance.
Beau knows his stuff, is razor-sharp, and will help you live a “Rich Life”. Personally, I’ve had Beau on as a show guest. I can always count on him to bring his “A” game. You can also.”

Carl Young

“Ten Investments for True Wealth is a hybrid between a personal development book and a finance book. Henderson masterfully lays out a structured path while at the same time maintaining flexibility for each individuals to create their plan for a rich life.”

Roger Edwards

“This Book is an Eye Opener! Beau Henderson reminds us in The RichLife: Ten Investments for True Wealth that money is a tool that we need to learn to utilize to be successful with both money and life. A poignant wake up call came for me when I realized that true wealth meant a life well lived. I believe that many of us are guilty of spending our time here on earth “sleepwalking through life” and that if we are not careful we will miss the point of living rich in each moment.”

Margaret Hammond

If you’re anything like me, then financial security now and in the future is something you’re constantly thinking about. And if it’s not, then you are already set for life or not thinking hard enough about where you’re going to be when you’re ready to retire but your bank account isn’t. Then you wake up one day like my grandparents did and they realized that they both had to go back to work after a lifetime of working their butts off and taking their hard earned retirement. After having gone through this book, it gets two thumbs up from me. The information included is simple enough that anyone can understand it and put it into practice and, most importantly, the information is solid. When the rest of your life is the topic, you can spend a few bucks and a few hours on something like this book and come out ahead.”

Maik Pietsch

“Most of us know what’s important in life, but few of us are actually living it on a daily basis and lose sight of what really matters. Beau Henderson reminds us in his book what really matters. He puts money, family, friends, etc. into perspective, makes you think what life is all about and provides easy to follow guidelines on how to change your current life and gain true wealth. I very much enjoyed reading this book and I know it won’t be the last time I read it. It will serve as a constant reminder to gain true wealth and will help to re-focus whenever needed.”

Remya Warrior

“Totally LOVED this book. I love his concept about a Rich Life. I was hooked right from the introduction where he paints the picture of 2 different people. I love his concept of Rich Life- where you find a balance between investing in your relationships, in your environment and money. “A rich life doesn’t just happen. It requires planning and focus and a set of guiding principles.” This book is a must read.”

Randy Zachary

“I love Beau’s approach here – it’s about FIRST things FIRST. Our financial situations are a direct result of our beliefs about money. They typically come from our family of origin. For me, not having much money growing up, I find myself repeating cycles of having enough, and not having enough. Beau’s book endeavors to break that cycle and create a bright future for all who read it. HIGHLY recommend if you’re like me in terms of money mindset.”