When you think of the word energy in your own personal life, what images come instantly to mind? Is it that drained feeling you experience while driving home from work? Or the frustration at wanting to be involved in activities but are too tired to take on?

That of course is the most common association we have when thinking about energy. However, it’s important to take a closer look at this concept of personal energy.

The truth is, everything in the Universe is composed of energy of one form or another. Believe it or not, this includes your thoughts. According to Quantum Physics, all forms of matter and energy are attracted to that which is of a like vibration. This means you attract what you put your energy and focus on, consciously or unconsciously – whether wanted or unwanted. (This is the basic precept of the Law of Attraction.) This also will play a large role in whether or not you are living out the best form of your RichLife.

So if this is true (and it is) that means you are either creating positive or negative energy through and by your thought patterns. It has been proven – scientifically – that thoughts are energy. They can actually be measured.

All the anger, bitterness and resentment that you feel you have a right to hold on to, is harming only you. It creates and releases more and more negative energy; which, in turn, attracts more negativity to you in all types and varieties, including people and events. Additionally, it’s a proven fact that negative thinking can rob a person of physical energy, as well as contributing to a wide variety of illnesses.

Within the concepts of living the RichLife, stewardship lies at the very foundation. Stewardship simply means you take responsibility of a certain item or area. That being said, how are you doing in the area of stewardship with regard to your thought life?
Why continue to allow the negative energy of damaging thoughts rob you of your RichLife? Take responsibility of your thought life today. It will change your life; and enrich your tomorrows.

About Beau Henderson

Beau Henderson is a financial advisor, author, coach, radio personality, and CEO of RichLife Advisors. He has helped over 3,000 clients to not just improve their relationship with money, but to live the life of their dreams.


  1. April Cummings on August 25, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    What a great article Beau! I needed that little reminder today! Whatever things are good, true, honest and pure..think on these things!!!

  2. Sharon on November 28, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    Thanks for the reminder of how negative energy can harm us. It caused me to examine where I am holding on to negative energy in my life right now.

    Sharon Worsley
    The Life Solutions Expert™

  3. Carl Mason-Liebenberg on January 18, 2012 at 2:14 am

    I love this post! In the past  I have successfully chosen a lifestyle of positive thinking in many areas. BUT, one area remained. I thought I could cover it up, keep it private. NOT! It managed to shine through…my sense of self. I dd not like myself and thought negatively day and night about who and what I was. I still struggle but I am learning to be more positive about myself…as I would a friend, loved one or client. I don't see who they are not nearly so much as I see who they are and so I am learning to aply the same to myself! I began this journey 2 years ago by finally comming to terms with being gay and i have continued taking steps since. 2012 brings new opportunites and i am more determined than ever to be positive about ME for i know it will not only help me, my loved ones but the world I seek to reach for wellness!

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