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While investment management is certainly an important part of wealth management, it is only one of the many components offered in the wide array of services that constitute wealth management.

At RichLife Advisors, we look at the bigger picture. Our highly experienced team of wealth management experts stretches far beyond investment guides – we aspire to be your financial partners.

Wealth management is not a cookie-cutter situation, and every client portfolio requires individual attention where they aren’t simply put in a one-for-all investment model. As the bridge between you and financial security, RichLife Advisors is committed to providing you with a dedicated and personalized service. 

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Wealth management goes above and beyond just investment-oriented advice. Contrary to an investment advisor, who primarily offers investment-oriented opportunities, a wealth manager’s choice of offered products is based on the client’s long-term financial needs.

The financial products are subservient to the client’s life as a whole. The recommendations are dictated by the client’s total financial picture as well as a deep understanding of their goals and limitations. RichLife Advisors represent an entirely different way of going about managing your money – it’s not a contract, it’s a relationship.

Optimizing Your Investment Portfolio

Investable assets require expertise that entails acute knowledge of market forces in play. It requires full-time dedication to aggregate data from fluctuating financial markets into a varied investment portfolio.

With experts on board, we have a sound background of economic profitability that enables us to cultivate personalized investment portfolios to minimize any risk that may threaten your savings.


According to Forbes, only 35% of Americans leave a will. With accumulated wealth and investible assets, not having a proper will can lead to confusion and disarray.

Strategic will planning is a standout feature that differentiates wealth management from investment advisory and other financial consultancy services. A wealth manager ensures your will resonates with your wishes and enhances your legacy.

A properly planned inheritance will promote family relationships and also accommodate for your community legacy.

Wealth Accumulation

Either by inheritance or of your own, accumulated wealth can only last so much. Preservation and growth of wealth is the driving force behind a solid wealth management strategy.

From property to varying degree of unquantifiable assets such as paintings and antiques, wealth management involves identifying proper markets where growth is warranted.

Under a stable wealth management strategy, you get a detailed and carefully constructed investment portfolio designed to achieve your financial objectives. From identifying profitable stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, to taking care of your inheritance – RichLife is your trustworthy ally in all the money markets.

Retirement Planning

A successful wealth management strategy is not only limited to the span of a career. It strives to maintain the lifestyle you’ve enjoyed once you’re ready to stop working.

Wealth managers are equipped with the knowledge to navigate through different savings schemes, including the 401(k) retirement account. As simple as it seems, a 401(k) retirement saving plan is riddled with loopholes that can put you at a disadvantage.

RichLife Advisors are committed to maximize the employer match for your retirement savings so you enjoy a steady income, even without the paycheck.
Beau Henderson - RichLife Advisors

About RichLife Advisors

Under the qualified leadership of Beau Henderson, RichLife Advisors has amplified the financial strength of clients through expert advice and carefully crafted wealth management strategies.

RichLife Advisors have helped clients approach retirement with a defined strategy that directs you towards financial independence. By evaluating the risk under your current retirement nest egg, we customize your investment plan to adapt to the ever-changing market forces.

Our wealth management team comprises of highly qualified financial experts, who have provided personalized financial assistance to hundreds of unique clients. Led by the utmost dedication and years of experience, Beau Henderson and RichLife’s wealth management team are reliable partners for you to accomplish your financial goals.

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