The 4 Worst Words in the English Language
Your checklist when planning for an experience of a lifetime
As we head into the last month of summer, many of you are heading out on those long planned for vacations. As someone who has gotten a really great deal on a hotel room only to discover the room did not have a bed, I can speak first hand to this very important point:
When it comes to traveling and creating memorable experiences,
you get exactly what you pay for!
What are the 4 worst words in the English language? I wish I had. Those four words mean you could have done something about it, but you didn’t. You can’t do anything about those mistakes now.
But you can avoid disappointment this summer by taking a few minutes now
to think about the quality of the experience you want to create.
Recently on the RichLife Radio Show, we talked with Susan Rogers from Boomers Travel and Beyond about the most important things you need to consider when making your travel plans. Cheap is not always the best thing to be. Susan Rogers cautions her clients, “You have got to get over that!” Keep in mind the following check list when preparing for your trip, and remember:
The adventure you are about to have is an investment in a priceless memory!
“Last year I went on a wonderful cruise to Alaska and while on the ship, I met a wonderful family who was not having a good time. When I inquired as to why their experience was so poor, they replied, “There’s nothing on this ship for a six-year old boy to do!” Now, there are plenty of cruise lines that offer all kinds of wonderful activities for children. We were not on that ship. They had picked this particular cruise because ‘the price was right’, but it was the only thing about the cruise that was.”
 TIP: Make sure you are getting the trip you want. It might mean you have to pass up on the deal of a lifetime. But better to get what is a good fit for you and your family, then to have your high expectations dashed. Know what you are looking for – write them down – and search with those key elements in mind.
What I try to do is to get people to think about the quality of the experience they going to have. Who is going to be there? What kind of people will be doing this with you? Because you’re going to be paying for this trip, and that cost will be getting you not just the trip, but your experience. It’s not about the dollar. It’s about the fantastic experience your dollar is going to get for you.
TIP: Don’t put your focus on the dollar, but on the experience you want to get. If you can’t afford the experience you want, save up, wait a bit, and do something else. Work with a travel agent so you can choose from greater options and are clear about exactly what you are getting. If you can, pay for everything in advance so that come the day of the big trip, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the adventure.
I always tell my clients, ‘It’s later than you think, Buddy’. You read in the paper all the time about unexpected accidents that happen and I just hope they had fun while they were here. Spend time with your family and friends. Do what you love to do!”
TIP: You don’t always have to go to some place exotic in order to create a memorable experience. We asked our listeners to call in or post their most memorable vacations. Co-host Joy Allgood mentioned one of her best memories was a “stay-cation”. Sometimes the best memories are made from the small moments, the dinner at home, the back yard camping trip, the weekend fishing trip. The important thing is to schedule in the time to make it happen.
As Susan Rogers remind us, “This is your memory bank you are creating. You want to put good stuff in there!”
It’s not too late this summer to make an investment in a unique experience. Make your choices based on the experience you want to create, instead of only considering the cost. Vacationing this way doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be spending more money, but it does insure your investment will be well spent! Set aside time for your loved ones – your spouse, your partner, your mom – and make a deposit into your memory bank. I guarantee you the investment will last a lifetime.
What’s the worst vacation deal you’ve ever gotten? What’s your most memorable experience and why? We’d love to hear about it. You can share your story anytime by stopping by at We’d love to hear from you!

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