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I am so grateful for my RichLife! I got to spend all of Thanksgiving with my Grandparents "my Mom and Pop" …  they are such a big part of MY RichLife!! I was having such a good time that I almost forgot that I promised you a video. How amazing to be able to record a video at 4:30 am on my way to the Black Friday Sale at Brooks Brothers – that's a RichLife story all by itself!!




Here’s what Carla had to say about making this video … "This was both fun and sad…exciting yet gut wrenching as it brought back memories of a difficult time in my life. However, as you will hear sometimes the toughest lessons bring on the richest rewards to those continuing to trudge through the mire and muck…I made it to the other side and am richer for it."


Here's what makes Elise Adams' Life RICH!!

(be sure to keep an eye on the littlest one :))


Here's Amanda's RichLife Story!


Sherry Patterson got over being "camera shy" so that she can she her RichLife story with all of us!!

Way to go Sherry!! YOU have BLESSED all of US ūüôā

Here's what Sherry had to say about doing her video!! "I felt a little weird on camera, but I felt so blessed after sharing my story of my "rich life"!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!


Here is a note that Diana sent me!!

"Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!!! Doing this video really made me think about truly blessed I am!!"


Tiffany Johnson shares her story about what living Rich really means to her!

There are no guarantees in life … take nothing for granted!!


Dr Bill Lampton tells us about the experience that made him live rich, that miracles are real and how sometimes you just have to be willing to take a chance! He also shares with everyone why he treasures life every day and lives every day to the fullest!

Paige and Greg Mitts started life together after losing everything.

They committed to living their definition of a RichLife from day one and the results are pretty awesome!

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