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Although a radio talk show host best-known as a Financial Advisor, Beau Henderson is also a “Life Advisor.” And, in this book, he demonstrates exactly why he has developed the raving fan base he has. While the financial advice he provides is excellent, it’s his overall life advice that separates this book from many of…

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Enrichment for the Readers: The true RichLife

Beau Henderson goes far further into a philosophy of living than the title of this book suggests. Yes, there is information about investing and about how to handle financial affairs, and if those are the directives the reader is seeking they will not be disappointed in the quality of financial counseling provided. But that is…

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Should Be Required Reading For Everyone

Beau Henderson’s magnificent and life-changing book, “The RichLife: Ten Investments For True Wealth” goes far beyond the typical “how to get and stay wealthy” manual. Instead of giving the shopworn platitudes about things like budgeting and investing, Henderson has taken a more holistic approach. Henderson states at the beginning that in order to achieve true…

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Beau Henderson is a licensed life insurance professional in GA, SC, TX, CA, IL, KY, OH, MI, PA, MD, and NY.


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