Great Advice!

I think this book offers some great insight to planning for the future. I believe the bulk of the book was directed toward the typical “family life” that involves spouses and children. Honestly, the information and advice in this book is important for anyone! I am a single woman that doesn’t have any sort of…

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Eye-Opening Call To Action

This book helps us see that our finances aren’t protected from the 5 thieves and it presents us with strategies for bolstering our hard earned money. Strongly recommended for anyone looking to protect family and standard of living in the long term.

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Essential Foundation To Financial Security…

I can’t call this eye opening because these threats or “thieves” are so close to us and we see them every day. Beau lays out the dangers and put the “cookies” on the bottom shelf. This is a guy who “gets it.” I sell real estate and the last few years many of my sales…

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Beau knows the rich life!

Beau does an excellent job of sharing how covering your bases is vital to a happy and less stressed life style. This is a short but thorough piece that everyone who wants a rich life should read! Thanks Beau!

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An Excellent Personal Risk Management Guide

I absolutely loved it! Beau gives the cold hard truth with heart in this very short easy read. My aunt experienced a few of these thieves right before she was able to enjoy her retirement years she had worked so hard for. She became chronically ill and had to be placed in a long term…

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