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Why We’re Not Planet of the Apes

Are You a Student of Life School?     Have you ever wondered exactly what separates humans from animals? It doesn’t seem to be intelligence, emotion, or displays of unconditional love. There is an ape at the University of Iowa with an over 3,000 word vocabulary doing mathematics. Elephants care for their young diligently for…

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The Equation For a RichLife

Defining who, what, when, where and why. In last week’s New Yorker, an article by David Eagleman titled Sum brought up the supposition of a life lived in a different order. Instead of having moments such as joy, pain and boredom broken up throughout our life, we would receive them all at once. Imagine “six…

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Three Ways to Short-Circuit Your RichLife

As a financial advisor, I work with individuals to help them live a full, rich, rewarding, fulfilled life. This, to me, is a true RichLife. However, every day I meet scores of people who are short-circuiting their RichLife. They do this in many and varied ways, but in this article I want to point out…

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What does Stewardship have to do with Living a RichLife

Much of the reason why so many people today live lives that are meager, unfulfilled, and empty has to do with this concept of stewardship. Stewardship is a term that isn’t heard much these days. While the use of the word seems a little outdated, the concept can be considered timeless. Stewardship can be closely…

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Life School

When I started viewing life more like a school than a battlefield or chessboard, my life, peace, and success have improved dramatically. In college you enroll in a degree or certificate program in your field of choice.  You have to first complete a core curriculum of general studies before you can advance to your major…

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