Why it’s not their fault out there…

What is stopping you from achieving the life of your dreams? Would you be a success if only your parents had more money? If only your spouse was more supportive? If only you had a nicer car, bigger house, or newer clothes?

A lot of people are dissatisfied with what they have. They think, if only I had a bigger house, better job, the perfect relationship, then I would be happy. In the meantime, they don’t take care of the house or the job or the relationships they do have, and they are unhappy. Does this sound familiar?

If you feel stuck with where you are now,
allow me to introduce a new success equation
E + R = O

We get stuck when we hang onto our excuses and the old story of our life. When we blame other people, and life circumstances, for what we have and what we don't have. You probably know some of these people: they just can’t do this or that because of what has been done to them. It’s not their fault! It’s just that Life is unfair, and there is nothing they can do about it!!

Well, here’s the good news: there is something we can do!

Yes, LIFE happens. To all of us. And sometimes it does seem unfair, and sometimes it does seem as if other people have it much better or much worse. But here’s the thing to remember at all times:

You don’t get to control the events. You only control how you respond.

Yes, that’s right – other people, the weather, and world-wide events are not the only factors responsible for whether or not you succeed. There is another powerful variable that you have absolute control over. That even is YOUR RESPONSE. Try this new equation:

Events + Response = Outcome

Originally developed by renowned psychologist Dr. Robert Resnick, this formula puts you in the driver’s seat. We cannot always control or effect events, as much as we might try. 

How we respond is really the only thing we can consistently control!

If you are getting an outcome you don’t want, the only variable you have control over is your response. Hiding inside every problem is an opportunity to try something different, to learn something new.

Trying something different at least gives you the chance
to have a different outcome!

Money, job, relationships – whatever the problem, take a look at how you’re responding that keeps creating what you don’t like. This month, we have been talking about the role wise stewardship plays in our success with business, relationships, and money.
When you focus on what can’t control,
you are taking time and energy away from what you can control.

This goes back to being a good steward of our human assets: our time and energy. When your focus is on the wrong things, you become less effective.
Instead, focus all your energy on what you can do and
surrender control over the things and events you cannot affect.
Doing this will lead to the most favorable outcomes. Here are a few tips you can apply to help you get unstuck and start focusing more on YOUR response and less on the events.
  • Notice when you or others are complaining and blaming.
  • Shift your story from “what happened to me” to “what I did”. From the “event” to your “response”.
  • Look for the lessons. Take a good look at your reaction , identify the lessons learned, and then let it go.
And don’t worry – you will make mistakes, we all do, and that is part of the process!
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