Questions, Answers and Some RichLife Wisdom

By Beau Henderson

Your DESIRES ~ Steve D’Annunzio

You are highly skilled and experienced at fulfilling your
desires. The problem is, many of your noble desires conflict with
other ego-based desires.

For example, a desire to continually consume junk food would
be in conflict with a desire to be fit and lean. A desire to
go fishing every day can undermine the desire to be
successful in your career.

The challenge of achieving meaningful success and
fulfillment is largely a challenge of prioritizing and
directing your own desires. In fact, the challenges imposed
by the outside world are often much less severe than the
challenges of choosing between conflicting desires within

So how do you resolve the conflicts between your desires?
First, accept each desire as it arrives, without judgment or

Then, remind yourself that you can choose to follow that
desire, or to follow an alternate desire, or to follow no
desire at all for the moment. Finally, know that you can
quickly and easily let go of each desire.

See your desires as reminders and suggestions rather than
imperative commands. Calmly accept and consider each desire,
knowing that you always have a choice, and your desires will
stop fighting against each other.

One of the things that I really enjoy doing on the RichLife Show is answering the financial questions that are sent in to the office from our Facebook and Twitter friends, listeners and blog readers. As a matter of fact, our topic for January, Practicing Wise Stewardship – What Does God Have To Do With Money?  came about because I got a question from one of our listeners that was not a typical financial planning question. Matt's question was "What Role Does God Play In Our Money?" That's a HUGE question and we had a GREAT conversation during all of January around the many different aspects that answer that question.
Here is another one of the questions that we received and answered last week on the show!
Question From Anna in Gainesville –
“Beau, I’m 23 and I’ve just started my first real job. Should I invest in my company’s 401K plan or a ROTH IRA? I hear you talk about a ROTH IRA almost every week!”
Beau’s Answer –
Anna, thanks so much for the great question. And congratulations on getting that job!! Here are a few things to consider. If your company has a match, get the match first. And here is what I mean by that – If they match .50 on the $1.00 for the first 5%, I would recommend putting that amount into the 401K. Then go fund the ROTH. You would use that ROTH as a backup emergency fund for a while. When it is full, then you would go beyond that!
So, a quick summary – Go get the company match for the 401K. I wouldn’t advise putting in beyond that. Then go fund a ROTH IRA.
What BIG money question has been on your mind? If you have a financial question that you would like me to answer for you, send it to me and I will be sure to get it answered live for you either this Saturday or on one of our future shows! Here’s my question Beau!
I really want to thank everyone for all of the great feedback that the January Practicing Wise Stewardship series has received!! It has totally blown me away. I am totally looking forward to this Saturday’s show where we are going to start February’s conversation about “Clarity” and the role that plays in helping people start living their RichLife.

Clarity is the Second Investment we talk about in The RichLife – Ten Investments For True Wealth.

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Click on your favorite below so that you can get it today and have your questions ready for our live q & a on this  Saturday's show!!


Until Saturday!!

Be Blessed and Live RICH!!




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