Living the “Rich Life”

Atlanta, Georgia – Oct 07 2011-


What does living a rich life mean to you?  In The Rich Life: 10 Investments for True Wealth, motivational speaker and author, Beau Henderson, teaches readers how to begin living out their own “rich lives” with deep and far reaching rewards.  Henderson is a financial advisor with over 3,000 clients, a career that has given him perspective on the meaning of “true wealth.”  In his new book, he helps to create a path to mastering a relationship with money while living a fulfilled life with purpose.  Henderson’s ideas of investments and wealth may differ from that which we have been taught to pursue; however, with his help, readers learn how to live lives in which they will find purpose, contribute positively to society, will positively affect those around them, and by doing so, will experience financial success on this path to true happiness.

A rich life comes about when one is a good steward of his/her life’s purpose, identifying and developing one’s own unique talents and gifts; “…the most direct way to insure success is to use them in the service of others.”   For many, fear is what holds them back from attaining the purposeful life that has them using their gifts to the best of their abilities.  Henderson helps readers to overcome this fear through a series of questions about themselves, identifying the source of fear, and teaching that “Living your Life Purpose is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, to those you love, and to the world at large.”

Among the lessons offered for investing in true wealth are: becoming a student in the school of life, developing meaningful relationships, and realizing that “life really is that short,”—that it is crucial to make a purposeful effort to make time for the important people and the things that you want to do.  Sometimes living the “rich life” is not as unattainable as it may seem; it only takes a re-evaluation of priorities, an honest personal assessment, and a guiding hand to help readers on the path to finding true purpose in their lives.


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About Beau Henderson

Beau Henderson is a financial advisor, author, coach, radio personality, and CEO of RichLife Advisors. He has helped over 3,000 clients to not just improve their relationship with money, but to live the life of their dreams.

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