Seeking Office Manager

RichLife Advisors serves the baby boomer generation by helping them gain education on retirement and then plan for it.

Our coach/advisor model guides these boomers down the path of creating a winning retirement strategy. Our clients leave with a life plan and a financial plan that serves their life.

We are looking for the right person, to bring on our team, that is a clear cultural fit. We desire to get to know you, your goals, your “why”.

Our local and statewide marketing has led to exponential growth. The ideal candidate will have experience helping turn a business vision into reality.

Our Ideal Candidates Must Have The Following

  • High Energy - Wake Up Daily Looking to Make it Happen
  • Organized, Efficient, and Proactive - Always a Step Ahead
  • Detailed, Thorough, and Love Results- Desire a Results-Based Incentive Package
  • Executor of the Company's Vision

From the Founder, Beau Henderson

We are grateful to have been called on this journey to teach life-changing principles to this underserved retirement demographic. In the past 15 years of doing business, we have helped thousands of people through our retirement coach/advisor model.  This model focuses on the emotional and social components of retirement while also providing sound financial solutions that meet the fiduciary requirements.

We believe that “living the RichLife means more than simply being financially wealthy.” Our model is built around 5 components; 1) Spiritual 2) Mental 3) Social 4) Physical 5) Financial

If you are seeking a meaningful career and looking to make a difference helping others, this opportunity could be for you...

Our Core Values

Believe In The RichLife: We believe that “living the RichLife means more than simply being financially wealthy.” The holistic health of our partners, staff, associate advisors, and clients is the key to ensuring they live their best life today.

Think Big: If you are going to think, you might as well think big. Thinking big means dreaming about what is possible. So many people have lost their ability to dream, so at RichLife we encourage our clients to not only dream but to make their dreams a reality.

Think Smart: We take the Big Vision and develop the strategy to Make it Happen. We work with our team and clients to think S.M.A.R.T.

Specific Plans | We are very specific on what we plan and the rationale behind why we plan.

Measure Everything | We create milestones or goalposts to track our progress.

Achievable Goals | We ensure that our goals are reachable and realistic.

Relevant | We believe that all of our actions must fulfill our mission, vision, and values.

Time-Bound | We have start dates and end dates for all of our goals, and our staff and clients are expected to meet those goals.

Make It Happen: We do what we promise to do. Our word is our bond. We make a positive difference in our community, client’s, and team's lives.