BEAU_AUTHOR_SMALLLiving your own personal definition of the RichLife is easier than ever when tapping into Beau Henderson’s library of bestselling books, online tools and cutting edge courses. Beau’s message of wealth being about the quality of life and not just about the size of your bank account has taken audiences by storm. His authentic approach, fresh philosophy and more than a decade of successful client experience, has allowed him to hone his theories and offer them to eager readers worldwide.

As an early precursor to his unique philosophy, Beau completed a double-major degree in Psychology and Finance from the University of Georgia. Beau became the CEO of RichLife Advisors in 1999 where he now serves as Financial Advisor, Master Certified Success Coach, and Certified Master Behavioral Analyst.



RADIO_HOST_SMAL;LBeau Henderson hosts The RichLife Show, a fast paced yet enlightening hour that focuses on helping listeners experience healthier, wealthier and more fulfilled lives. The program’s mission is to empower people to reach their dreams and live their definition of a RichLife. The show’s format uses a highly engaging mix of education, entertainment, inspiration, and motivation.

By developing a unique philosophy, Beau has changed the game of financial planning for his clients and his listeners alike. Rather than fit the person to the financial product, Beau focuses on the whole person – as an asset. He accomplishes this by demonstrating a myriad of options for acquiring true wealth in ways best suited to an individual’s own talents, strengths and inclinations. And, unlike a number of other financial programs, callers are never left feeling berated or intimidated.

Perhaps as an early precursor to this unique radio format, Beau completed his double-major degree in Psychology and Finance from the University of Georgia. Following his own challenges (similar to many raised by his callers on the air), Beau eventually became the CEO of RichLife Advisors where he now serves as Financial Advisor, Master Certified Success Coach, and Certified Master Behavioral Analyst.

Between his authentic approach, fresh philosophy and his experience working with 3,000 plus clients over the past 15 years, Henderson is finding success on a whole other level””for his clients, his employees and himself.

To listen to The RichLife Show and interact with Beau, people can visit www.RichLifeShow.com where a live stream of the weekly radio broadcast of The RichLife Show is available Saturdays at 1 p.m. EST.



Financial PlanningAs a financial advisor, founder and CEO of The RichLife Group, Beau Henderson has helped over 4,000 clients to not just improve their relationship with money, but to live their unique definition of a healthy, wealthy, fulfilled life with purpose. The RichLife Group has grown nationally as an organization training a new generation of financial professionals whose mission is to help their clients:


  • Save more money, pay less taxes, and retire with dignity
  • Protect the people and things that they care about the most
  • Live their unique definition of a RichLife

Through coaching, training, and educational resources, Beau works with individuals, families, business owners, financial advisors, and other professionals to identify and live their mission, so they too can live their definition of a healthy, wealthy, fulfilled life with purpose.



BEAU_HENDERSON_COACH_EDUCATORBeau Henderson believes that his role as a financial advisor and success coach is to help people experience greater personal, professional, and economic confidence now and in the future. His number one goal is to help people move toward their personal definition of a healthy, wealthy, fulfilled life – their RichLife.

For anyone grappling with the current state of their finances or nervously stalking their 401Ks and portfolios, Beau Henderson’s approach to financial planning comes as a breath of fresh air.

As CEO and founder of The RichLife Group, a full-service financial planning and coaching agency, Henderson offers more than a decade of successful financial planning experience. During that time Beau has coached more than 3000 people on retirement income planning using a refreshing, authentic approach to securing not just financial wealth, but spiritual, physical, and emotional health, too.

Henderson believes that too often, people fall into the trap of “buying what the world is selling.” His preferred method and philosophy ”” that having financial success doesn’t necessarily equate to life fulfillment ”” not only goes against his industry’s norm, but society’s as a whole.

And despite an industry average of 90% fail rate for financial advisors, Henderson has doubled his business twice in three years and coached thousands of people and their families achieve the RichLife they were so eager to live.



BEAU_HENDERSON_EDUCATOR“What are the three things in your life that truly give it meaning?” This is one of the first questions that Bestselling Author, Coach and Radio Host, Beau Henderson, asks when he meets people.

While it’s really a simple question, Beau realized that not a lot of people know the answers off the top of their heads. As a financial educator and the founder of The RichLife Group, Beau decided his new job was to help people gain clarity. Beyond just selling financial products, he decided to use his unique philosophy and well-honed skills to educate people about how to use all of their assets and resources to live their personal definition of a RichLife.

When Beau started approaching his work that way, he realized he was doing more than teaching clients. He was developing powerful and trusted relationships with them. Suddenly, he realized that he was living HIS definition of a RichLife too. Beau discovered that it’s much more rewarding to have a job that focuses on caring for people and the quality of their lives, as opposed to simply managing their portfolios.

Henderson is the Bestselling Author of several books including The RichLife: Ten Investments for True Wealth and the RichLife, The 5 Thieves That Will Steal Your RichLife The RichLife: Ten Investments for True Wealth, The RichLife: Stewardship Principle and Masterful Communication For Success With Business and Life with Dr. Bill Lampton

The RichLife Group offers multiple programs that help educate people to realize their financial and life goals including:  The Roadmap to a RichLife, Conversations Every Couple Should Have, and The New Money Mission.

Beau  also hosts The RichLife Show, a highly educational and entertaining nationally syndicated weekly radio show which can be streamed live around the world via www.RichLifeShow.com



BEAU_HENDERSON_VISIONARYBeau Henderson is the visionary force behind RichLife Group.  A financial advisor by training and trade, Beau has a unique perspective on wealth. His primary philosophy, that wealth is about much more that just money, is a breath of fresh air for people grappling with a deeper meaning in life.

The universal appeal and power of Beau’s message launched his book, The RichLife: Ten Investments for True Wealth, to instant bestseller status.  As part of his personal commitment to living his own definition of a healthy, wealthy, life filled with purpose, Beau has achieved the coveted designations of Master Certified Success Coach and Certified Master Behavioral Analyst, in addition to his role as CEO of The RichLife Group. 

As a media contributor, Beau’s message of the RichLife has been well received in media outlets including WSJ, Reuters, CNBC, and MarketWatch to name a few. His daily syndicated RichLife Minute and The RichLife Show are changing lives nationally and in other parts of the world.

Through strategic partnerships with national organizations including Junior Achievement and Society for Financial Awareness, Beau is affiliated with global leaders to further the mission of financial literacy.  A dedicated volunteer, Beau’s commitment to improving the lives of others through personal development and financial education is paramount.