Are You Really Committed To Living A Healthy,

Wealthy Life On Purpose?

by Beau Henderson


Everyone that I speak with about debt says that they want nothing more than to get out of debt and NEVER go into debt again. People say all the time that they are committed to getting healthy and wealthy … that they want nothing more than to know that they are living a life of purpose, a life that will become a legacy for their loved ones and family when they leave this life. But, when it is all said and done, VERY FEW people choose to make the time to actually do the things they need to do to have all of the things they say they want.

One of my favorite Proverbs, Proverb 3:13-14 says:

Joyful is the person who finds wisdom, the one who gains understanding.
For wisdom is more profitable than silver and her wages are better than gold.

We really want to be the absolute best stewards and do the best we can with the money that God entrusts us with. And, we also want to make sure that we are using those resources to be the best stewards we possibly can be of our lives by being the best version of what God put us here to be.

I am really excited about what we have seen happen in the first 5 days the 100 Day Debt Destruction Challenge. Alot of people have signed up. And more importantly, we have seen alot of people take the time to do what they need to do to get CLEAR about where they stand financially right now!

We have a proven plan – a financial road map – that has helped thousands of people destroy debt and set themselves free from the bondage of debt! However, this is the first time that we have actually created a team environment for people to work together on getting out of debt … and the results have been pretty amazing. The encouragement, support and accountability is helping to propel folks forward at lightening speed. There is nothing more powerful than being surrounded by a group of people helping and encouraging one another!!

So … if you are tired of dealing with debt –  tired of the stress, tired of being a slave to your debt and you want to move towards what everyone says they want – peace of mind and financial freedom, take the time TODAY to get registered! You have until midnight tonight to join us.

Register at If NOW is not the right time to get started destroying  that mountain of debt, WHEN do you think the timing will be better?

And for anyone that doesn't think that something like this would be worth doing, we have put together over $5,000 worth of cash and prizes to reward those who choose to play full out! So, if you've been waiting to get started, stop waiting and let's do this together. I believe in YOU and your RichLife!!


About Beau Henderson

Beau Henderson is a financial advisor, author, coach, radio personality, and CEO of RichLife Advisors. He has helped over 3,000 clients to not just improve their relationship with money, but to live the life of their dreams.

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