Happy 2013 Everyone!!

May You and Your Loved Ones Be Blessed With
Great Health,Limitless Joy and Tremendous Favor
This Coming Year!
It's January 1, 2013 … A New Year that is FILLED will all sorts of incredible possibilities! I spent the Christmas break and New Year's Eve speaking with friends and clients about their goals and hopes for 2013. It’s true … everyone is looking forward to the new year as a chance to start fresh, to redirect their energy to the things they want to accomplish most. Looking forward is great, and it’s important. But as we plan the list of things we will do in 2013, it’s equally important to look back at what has happened in our lives with the assumption that there is NO failure, only feedback … that there are no mistakes only valuable lessons.
Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. The beauty of that is that you get to write what goes on each page of the book! My best recommendation to everyone is to start with a review of the past year's results to make sure that it really was a successful year. In doing that we are able to learn from the lessons of the past year and take those lessons forward into 2013 to really have the upcoming year be what we want it to be  – a successful year based on certainty not luck!

Don't be afraid to look back at 2012 and be REAL about it.

Deal with what shows up for you and take 100% responsibility for your results!

You are the only one who is responsible for your results because the only thing you have control over is what you do!

There are no mistakes. There are only valuable lessons!

Remember … you have got to be REAL to be RICH!

Here are five things that I recommend all of my financial planning clients do to help themselves gain clarity on their journey to living their definition of a RichLife:

  • Reflect and be honest about it. You have to be real to be rich. Take inventory of what you wanted to accomplish. Ask yourself,  "What were my wins? What didn’t work out the way I wanted it to? What did I do to create that result? How could I have changed my response to that to have gotten a better result? And what were the lessons I learned for that I can take to move forward?" Those lessons contain the exact answers for us to have exactly what we want going forward. Your 2012 inventory will arm you with the experience you need to be sure that, every year, your list of wins gets longer and longer.
  • Take the lessons learned and then let it go. Once you’ve given 2012 a good, hard look, put a lid on it. Too many people will hang on to what happened last year, and that won’t help you find success. Take those lessons from last year as exactly what they are: lessons, experiences to prepare you to win big in 2013.
  • Write it down. As a financial planner, I urge people to write out their intentions and goals each year. It's important to be crystal clear and very specific on what is it you want to have in 2013. This exercise gives you something to measure against when 2014 comes around. It will also help you find out what was really important to you. By doing this every year – recording intentions, measuring against them and then resetting – that gives you the best chance to achieve your goals. It works for finances, but you can do the same with all your goals: health, recreation, business and spiritual.
  • Take action every day. Once you have identified what your goals are for 2013, take action every day to move closer to those very clear goals that move towards what you really want
  • Take 100% responsibility for everything in your life. Change your response to get the result you want.

It is my intention to help you achieve the wealthiest, healthiest, most fulfilled life possible. Let’s raise a glass to those people in our lives who make our definition of a RichLife possible. Wishing you and yours a POWERFUL 2013!!

To leave you with one last RichLife tip, make sure to sit down with your financial professional before making any decisions that could affect your financial future. We want to make sure you keep in mind the big-picture that is your RichLife before making drastic changes that could put you at risk. To ensure your current financial strategy is on track, we will review your investment portfolio to make sure your strategy is on track for 2013. Request your  NO-OBLIGATION review TODAY at www.RichLifeFinancial.com.


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Beau Henderson is a financial advisor, author, coach, radio personality, and CEO of RichLife Advisors. He has helped over 3,000 clients to not just improve their relationship with money, but to live the life of their dreams.

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