“What are the three things in your life that truly give it meaning?” This is one of the first questions that Bestselling Author, Coach and Radio Host, Beau Henderson, asks when he meets people.

While it’s really a simple question, Beau realized that not a lot of people know the answers off the top of their heads. As a financial educator and the founder of The RichLife Group, Beau decided his new job was to help people gain clarity. Beyond just selling financial products, he decided to use his unique philosophy and well-honed skills to educate people about how to use all of their assets and resources to live their personal definition of a RichLife.

When Beau started approaching his work that way, he realized he was doing more than teaching clients. He was developing powerful and trusted relationships with them. Suddenly, he realized that he was living HIS definition of a RichLife too. Beau discovered that it’s much more rewarding to have a job that focuses on caring for people and the quality of their lives, as opposed to simply managing their portfolios.

Henderson is the Bestselling Author of several books including The RichLife: Ten Investments for True Wealth and the RichLife, The 5 Thieves That Will Steal Your RichLife The RichLife: Ten Investments for True Wealth, The RichLife: Stewardship Principle and Masterful Communication For Success With Business and Life with Dr. Bill Lampton

The RichLife Group offers multiple programs that help educate people to realize their financial and life goals including:  The Roadmap to a RichLife, Conversations Every Couple Should Have, and The New Money Mission.

Beau  also hosts The RichLife Show, a highly educational and entertaining nationally syndicated weekly radio show which can be streamed live around the world via