The “B” Word

by Beau Henderson
Yeah that’s right… I said the “B” word, live on air, during last weekend’s RichLife radio show. (gasp!!) It’s funny how this one little word can make people of all ages cringe, and I’m willing to bet their reaction might be similar to your reaction, and the question on everybody’s mind:
How can I live my life and have any fun  
while sticking to a budget?!?!?
Before you go running for the hills, let me just say that a budget alone, no matter how perfect, is not going to be the thing that makes the ultimate difference between whether or not you achieve your financial goals.
A budget alone will not help you unless you apply what I call the Master Investment.
A lot of people are worried about money. Just about everybody I meet tells me they could use more of it in their life.
So what if I told you there was one thing, one timeless principal that when applied, was guaranteed to bring positive results, every time?
This principal isn’t a hit or miss thing. It doesn’t rely on luck or the behavior of the stock market. It relies solely on you. On the one thing that you can begin doing now to build a strong foundation for your financial success.
This is what you need to know before you undertake any budget, goal, or plan for success:

  • The principal of hard/easy dictates that if you do the hard now, you will get to enjoy the easy later. This isn’t a trick or gimmick, and it doesn’t exclude anyone. You will get to enjoy the easy if you are willing to do the work of the hard now!  

  • It will be hard to do the hard now. Think of a hill with a slope. You will be going up the steep side of the hill now, so that later on, you can coast and take it easy.

  • Most people will not do hard/easy. Most people do easy/hard, and that is why most people are not living their definition of a fulfilled life.

Ask yourself, how can you enjoy anything with peace of mind, knowing that someday, you’re going to wake up with a big mountain looming in front of you?
Because the hard will only get harder
the longer you put it off.
Life happens. I always say you have to be real to be rich. Doing hard/easy will not prevent the “bad” things from ever happening, but it will insure that when they do happen, you will be better prepared.

You have two choices: you can either pay the price now, or the cost later. And in my experience, the cost later is ALWAYS greater than the price now!

So what would happen if you committed yourself for ONE YEAR to mastering the principal of Hard/Easy?
By choosing now to pay off your debt, delay gratification, and live with a spending plan (AKA: the “B” word) you will position yourself for an EASY 30 years down the road. What’s your choice? Are you willing to do hard/easy?
In our last article, we talked about what applying the principal of hard/easy looks like in everyday life. The conversation is going to continue for the rest of the month … it is THAT  important!
One of our readers, Donovan in the UK, wrote ~ I remember an uncle of mine taught me the save 10% rule when I was younger, but I didn't really get it until later in life. I teach my kids and others who ask about money to try their best to save some money from the day they start work. Thanks a lot for the reminder.
If you’ve got a story to share about how you and your family have made the choice to do the HARD NOW so that you can enjoy the easy later, I’d love to hear it! Call in during this week’s RichLife show at 12 pm EST 1-800-552-WDUN and share your story with our listeners!
Be sure to tune in for good conversation, fun, and answers to your money questions at AM 550 or FM 102.9 WDUN, 12:00 pm EST for the RichLife Show tomorrow!
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See you on Saturday! And send in your hard/easy story! Sharing your story blesses us and helps others. We all benefit from a lesson learned the hard way!
Be Blessed and Live RICH!!

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