Beau Henderson believes that his role as a financial advisor and success coach is to help people experience greater personal, professional, and economic confidence now and in the future. His number one goal is to help people move toward their personal definition of a healthy, wealthy, fulfilled life – their RichLife.

For anyone grappling with the current state of their finances or nervously stalking their 401Ks and portfolios, Beau Henderson’s approach to financial planning comes as a breath of fresh air.

As CEO and founder of The RichLife Group, a full-service financial planning and coaching agency, Henderson offers more than a decade of successful financial planning experience. During that time Beau has coached more than 3000 people on retirement income planning using a refreshing, authentic approach to securing not just financial wealth, but spiritual, physical, and emotional health, too.

Henderson believes that too often, people fall into the trap of “buying what the world is selling.” His preferred method and philosophy ”” that having financial success doesn’t necessarily equate to life fulfillment ”” not only goes against his industry’s norm, but society’s as a whole.

And despite an industry average of 90% fail rate for financial advisors, Henderson has doubled his business twice in three years and coached thousands of people and their families achieve the RichLife they were so eager to live.