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Yeah, I get it, but how do I DO it?   

I’ve been trying to get my business going for five years now and I’m exhausted. I’ve read every book, tried sure-fire marketing methods and success formulas. Sometimes things work for a while but eventually I always end up back where I started: worried about money. I’m seriously sick of chasing the sale. I know money isn’t everything and I want a balanced life and more time with my family, but I have to be able to pay the bills. What am I doing wrong?

While I can’t speak to the marketing methods you’ve tried in the past, I can tell you that I saw an enormous boost to my own business when I changed my mindset. Outward change starts with inward shifts. The following three were big shifts for me that turned my outward failures into forward momentum.

  • SHIFT #1: View Life as a School

Instead of looking at the things that haven’t worked in the past with a sense of frustration and regret, look at what you learned. What was the lesson there? If it didn’t go the way you expected or hoped, look at the experience as a sign that something needs your attention. Are you being directed toward a different path? A new niche? A partnership? Instead of exhausting yourself with the same mistakes, look for the lesson, take responsibility, and identify what you will do differently next time.

Life School – How To Turn Around Your Biggest Regrets


  • SHIFT #2: Take Care of What You Have

The Law of Wise Stewardship dictates that the better we take care of something, the more we will be given. How well are you taking care of the clients or customers you already have? Could you be doing a better job of appreciating them? Following through? Offering your services?

Are You Investing In The Most Important Asset Class


  • SHIFT #3: Seek to Add Value

It sounds like you have identified your business and area of expertise. The quickest way to attract more success into your life is to take those giftings and talents and use them in service of others. Your attitude here isn’t, how can I make the sale? But rather, how can I serve? You aren’t giving away your services for free, you are seeking to help people and add value to their lives. When you approach your business this way, people sense the difference. You’ll soon find yourself able to grow your client base not because you are chasing the sale, but because you are genuinely seeking to help people and add value to their lives.

The Law Of Addition

Bottom line: Success is an inside job. Seek to view life as a school, take care of what you already have and add value to the lives of others.


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