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015: Essentialism In Retirement With Joe Schum

The Retirement Resource - Essentialism in Retirement

Essentialism In Retirement  Joe Schum joins the show for another Coach’s Corner, in which we talk about the Essentialist philosophy. This is an idea that comes from the bestselling book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, written by friend of the show Greg McKeown. Essentialism rejects the idea that “we can have it all,” instead…

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014: Why You Need a Retirement Coach with Bob Laura

The Retirement Resource - why you need a retirement coach

Why You Need A Retirement Coach With Bob Laura Today we’re joined by our resident retirement coaching expert, Founder of the Retirement Coaches Association, and President of the Certified Professional Retirement Coach Training: Bob Laura. He’s going to shed some light onto what exactly retirement coaching is, and how coaching can help you create a…

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012: Do You Have a Life & Retirement Strategy?

The Retirement Resource - Building your retirement dream team

Do You Have a Life & Retirement Strategy? Everyone has a life strategy – even if it’s doing nothing. But do you have a life and retirement strategy that lights you up, excites you, and that you feel really good about? We are joined once again by Coach Joe Schum from Soul Patch Hippo to…

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011: Winning The Mental Game of Retirement

The Retirement Resource - winnning the mental game of retirement

Winning The Mental Game of Retirement Today’s topic is often overlooked, but very real – and it has just as much, if not more, to do with the transition planning and the strategy for a successful retirement than your income plan or tax strategy. So today we are breaking down the seven key investments to…

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