Take 100% Responsibility For Everything In Your Life

  1. You have the ability to set things right. No matter how bad it is, how hard it is, you can turn the ship around. It’s not his fault, her fault, your parent’s fault. It’s in your hands. You do have the power to change your life.


The first step is to take responsibility. Wherever you are, accept full responsibility for getting yourself there and then look at what needs to be done. Even if you still feel doubt, step up to the plate anyway. Tell yourself, I can make this happen, I can change this, I can make it right. Then ask for help and see what comes.

You Are Here on Planet Earth For A Reason

  1. There is a reason you are here. You possess within you a unique combination of giftings and talent that no one else has. Who else would think to put those three things together? Who else cares about __________ as much as you do? While there may be other people who are bigger, faster smarter, there is no one on earth who has your exact combination of life experience, preferences, connections and talent.

What does this mean?

It means that there is a position, a circumstance, a problem out there that only you can solve or fill. You are as unique as a snowflake and we – the human race, the world – need what you have to offer.

Life Is A School and There Are Lessons To Learn

  1. You have a lesson to learn. There is a reason you repeated that mistake again, said that dumb thing, did the stupid thing. It’s not because you are a bad person or incredibly unlucky. It’s because there is a lesson that the universe – what I call Life School – is trying like heck to teach you.

What’s the lesson?

Ask yourself at the end of the day, what am I most disappointed about? What didn’t go the way I expected? What did I learn? And what can I do differently as a result of learning this lesson?

Now Is The Only Time We Are Guaranteed

  1. You DON’T have time, so do it/say it/be it today. Most of us live under the illusion that we will somehow escape death. Good luck with that. Each one of us is given the same number of hours in the day and the same certainty that one day, our time will be up. Don’t wait to do, say or be the things most essential to who you are.

What can you do today?

Say the words you feel in your heart to say. Do the thing you have been putting off because you are afraid. Be the person you know that you are right now, even if no one else believes it. Yet.

Take Care Of Your Most Important Asset

  1. The most important asset you have is YOU. Not the money in the bank, not your job and not your car/house/apartment. Whatever you have lost, only you can build it up again. Whatever it is they want, only you decide if the price is worth the cost. Your health, your time and your well-being are the most important thing. Not the paycheck, the prize or the reputation.

Take care of yourself. This is your life. Why not make it truly great?

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Beau Henderson is a financial advisor, author, coach, radio personality, and CEO of RichLife Advisors. He has helped over 3,000 clients to not just improve their relationship with money, but to live the life of their dreams.

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