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Using A Vulnerability Model To Navigate A Successful Retirement

Today we’re exploring a unique model for navigating a successful retirement: The Vulnerability Model. I was introduced to this model by fellow retirement coach Douglas Passanisi, who has found it extremely helpful in navigating his own retirement transition.

The Vulnerability Model is about embracing your vulnerabilities because, inevitably, things are going to change around you in retirement. The situation with your kids, your parents, moving, aging, health, relationships: all those things will change. And you know what? It doesn’t have to be bad!

It can be a great change and an exciting change if in fact, you are willing to be vulnerable and embrace your vulnerability through the different stages of retirement.


  • What is the Vulnerability Model and how do we utilize it?
  • Disenfranchised grief
  • Identity after retirement


We are all vulnerable in retirement, and you have to embrace that to find fulfillment going forward. And the older one gets, the more vulnerable one becomes because things will change more rapidly.

  • Take the time and find what moves you. This is so important because, as we’ve discussed on the show before, we get lost in our work identity. So when you are taken away from that, it takes some time to uncover why you got into that line of work to begin with. Why did you love or hate the job that you were at? What is it that’s pushing or moving you? Or what are the values that you’re holding there?
  • You will also want to surround yourself with a retirement team. This is not only a professional team, but also people who understand what it is you’re going through. There is a grieving process when you leave work, and if no one around you understands that, you can end up feeling “disenfranchised grief.” You need to find a new community, not related to your previous work at all.
  • If you have no value or a network of folks outside your past job, you will probably be lonely. Luckily, a retirement coach can help you identity new networks and options for value going forward.

Identify your purpose moving forward, find a team, and get a coach that’ll help you along – that is a model for a productive and wonderful retirement.


“Using A Vulnerability Model To Navigate A Successful Retirement


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