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Why You Need A Retirement Coach With Bob Laura

Today we’re joined by our resident retirement coaching expert, Founder of the Retirement Coaches Association, and President of the Certified Professional Retirement Coach Training: Bob Laura.

He’s going to shed some light onto what exactly retirement coaching is, and how coaching can help you create a retirement that lights you up.


  • What is retirement coaching?
  • The reality of retirement
  • The dark side of retirement
  • Your identity in retirement
  • Signs that you might need to talk to a retirement coach


Retirement coaching is, in its simplest form, “helping people plan for, think about, and actually transition into everyday life in retirement.”

There’s often a big disconnect between what people think retirement is going to be like and what it’s actually like – by helping people better prepare for the reality of retirement, they are able to make a much smoother transition.

A lot of people might think retirement coaching is a fluffy, informal thing, but we take people through a proven process to really just talk about and think about things that aren’t usually brought up. We’ve all been brainwashed to think the financial piece is the answer to a successful retirement, and it really isn’t – the retirement planning processes is backward.

In reality, retirement planning should start by focusing on the individual, their personal life, their social network, and their health, because money doesn’t matter if you don’t have those things.

“Retirement isn’t anything. It’s an empty bucket, and it’s up to you to fill it with what you want – and if you don’t, other people will.”


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Why You Need A Retirement Coach


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