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Do You Have a Life & Retirement Strategy?

Everyone has a life strategy – even if it’s doing nothing.

But do you have a life and retirement strategy that lights you up, excites you, and that you feel really good about?

We are joined once again by Coach Joe Schum from Soul Patch Hippo to discuss why we think designing a life strategy is so important, and how you can go about designing yours.


  • Why two most valuable assets for retirement.
  • The most valuable “currencies” that we should be spending in retirement.
  • How to design your life strategy.


A lot of retirement strategies focus on the money you’re generating and the money you’re not spending. That’s all well and good, but that’s not what’s going to, ultimately, provide a happy and fulfilling retirement that lights you up.

Over and over again, our clients have told us that the foundation to a retirement that lights you up are Time and Health – money is just a tool.

If you don’t have enough time, and you aren’t mobile or healthy enough to enjoy the time you do have, how will saving or generating money make you more fulfilled?


To start designing your life strategy, answer these questions:

What do you want your retirement to look like?

This is an opportunity to paint a vivid picture of your ideal life in retirement. Are you going to work? Are you going to travel? Do you want to volunteer?

Drop the chains. Drop all the limits. What is it that you want for yourself?

I’m going to experience a retirement of ______.

This is the next step to envisioning your RichLife retirement. What do you want to experience in retirement? How do you want to show up every day, in every situation?

Your retirement may be one of learning, doing, being restful, being a contributor – however you want to show up and feel like every day.

What “currencies” will you most value?

This “currency” isn’t a financial asset or investment – it is a way for us to spend and to show our values to others. You may value mentoring, charitable acts, serving, building things, or anything else that lights you up.

So think about these questions, get them down on paper, and start bouncing them off your significant other.

Take off the chains, throw it all out there on the table, and then get rid of anything that doesn’t resonate with you. For the things that DO resonate with you, take them to your professional team and say this is what I want for myself in retirement.

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“Do You Have a Life & Retirement Strategy?


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