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Maximizing Social Security

Jared Weiss, President and CEO of NextPhase Financial, joins us to offer his insight into how you can maximize Social Security benefits.


  • Why your Social Security strategy matters now, not later.
  • Why it’s critical that you work with an advisor to coordinate benefits when retirement planning.
  • How much money people leave on the table when they don’t have a Social Security strategy.
  • How changes to the Social Security rules affect people differently, based on the year they were born.
  • Two big mistakes that people often make when planning a retirement strategy.


  • Often, the most important aspect of Social Security is how well it will support the people you love – and if you wait too long to learn, that mistake will last a lifetime.
  • For 65 percent of middle-class Americans, 50 percent of their guaranteed lifetime income comes from Social Security.


A lot of Americans think of Social Security as this thing they have to do separate from retiring, but we’re trying to get you to think of Social Security in a different way – Coordinating Social Security benefits with your 401K, IRA, Medicare or health care, and other retirement benefits is probably the most important thing you can do during the retirement planning process.

And it’s not just coordinating with your own benefits, but with the benefits of your spouse (or ex), too. The Social Security Administration won’t coordinate strategy for you, and they won’t tell you if using a different strategy will get you, in three or four years, an additional 2,000 dollars a month. It’s actually in the SSA handbook that they are not allowed to give advice.

But having that understanding, and talking to an advisor with that knowledge, might improve your entire retirement picture, for you and your loved ones.


  • Filing too early, when you don’t need income. You don’t need to file just because you can and, ultimately, it could end up hurting yourself or your spouse.
  • Not filing spousal benefit after age 66, and leaving that money on the table.


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Maximizing Social Security: Part 1 with Jared Weiss


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