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The 7 Best Retirement Resolutions for 2018

Today Beau and Certified Coach Joe Schum discuss the seven best retirement resolutions for 2018. The New Retirement is about living a life that lights you up, and a big part of that is continuing to grow as a person (as opposed to waiting, reacting, and stagnating). By committing to these resolutions, we believe that you’ll not only grow but also find more fulfillment and have more fun along the journey.


1.  Let’s make 2018 the year of clarity.

Let’s be in that top 5 percent that actually knows their numbers. Do the exercises necessary to know what’s coming in, what’s going out, what are my actual expenses, what’s my income, what is that relationship, what do I need when I retire to be able to retire? What are the gaps?

  In addition to the financial goals, let’s gain clarity on all of our goals because that clarity is the key determinant of if we’re actually going to move forward or if we’re just going to kind of react and respond through life.

2.  Be proactive.

  To be proactive is to take action in a purposeful way, and with that purpose comes clarity as to what we want for ourselves. So know what you’re clear about, know what you want for yourself and your family and the world around you, and then take the necessary steps to make those changes.

  You can also think of this as, “Let’s stop being reactive or passive.”

3.  Make investing in relationships a priority.

  Start small: What’s one meaningful relationship that I can invest more time in, in 2018?

  “Over the last 16 years, in working with over 3000 clients, one thing that I haven’t heard is that the most important thing in their life was not their relationships. It always comes down to  – I would trade everything I have to have more time with those important people, or the thing that makes me happiest are the memories of those relationships that are most important to me.

4,  Invest in experiences.

  Your memories and experiences are the one thing that can’t be taken away, and they’re truly a priceless asset.

  These don’t have to be big bucket list experiences – even scheduling the time to take your grandson to the park can be meaningful, but you have to be proactive.

5.  Invest in yourself.

  Whether it’s a new skill, a new degree, a new language, a new coach, or something else entirely, just the act of going through that learning and input part of your life is going to show up in all other parts of your life. People will notice a difference. When you decide the best years are behind you, all of your learning is behind you, what you will find is a rapid decline.

  Ask yourself: What will my life be like a year from now if I don’t make that investment?

6.  Give back.

  Giving back, making a contribution, has a physiological benefit. We are hardwired so that giving actually makes us feel good. And this doesn’t have to be giving money – it is just as valuable, if not more valuable, to contribute your time.

  In addition, giving back can be another way of creating meaning and living a life that is fulfilling.

7.  Have fun.

  We all forget this, too often: At the end of what we’re doing and being, are we having fun?

  “If we’re not having fun day-to-day along our journey, and we’re just waiting for this end result or to attain something or some destination down the road, we’re going to miss life in the process.”



This simple challenge will only take you about five minutes, but it will set you up for success with these resolutions. So take out a piece of paper and write down your immediate response to reading these seven questions – don’t think about it, just write down the first answer that comes to your mind.

  1. What’s one thing I can do in 2018 to gain more clarity?
  2. What’s one thing I can do in 2018 to be more proactive?
  3. What’s one relationship I can invest in that’s important to me in 2018?
  4. What’s an experience I can intentionally create in 2018?
  5. How can I invest in myself in 2018?
  6. What’s something I can do to give back in 2018?
  7. What can I do to have more fun in 2018?


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The 7 Best Retirement Resolutions for 2018


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