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Have You Been Seduced by the Need to Complain?

Have You Been Seduced by the Need to Complain? become a better steward of your Energy, Time & Relationships Type in a Google search for complaints published in the media and you will get over 60 million hits. Venting, griping, and blowing off steam may well sell stories, but research shows that when it comes…

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Become a Financial Genius

  Go From Novice to Genius by Raising Your Financial IQ  People ask me a lot of questions about money and what to do with it. Some  questions are specific such as, “Should I invest in stocks? In bonds? In gold or real estate?” Other questions are about IRA’s or other various retirement accounts. But…

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Make Your Money Work for You in 2011

It’s not big news that 2009 and 2010 were tough economic years, but here’s the real news: you have it in your power to take back the reigns over your financial future. And the even better news is that with a few spending, saving and investing strategies, 2011 can be the year that starts to happen.…

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