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4 Steps to Protecting Your Family

4 Steps Tp Protecting Your Family - Financial Planning Management

  The Basic Foundation For Your Family’s Financial Future   If something happened to your spouse today, would you know what to do? Would the death benefit be sent to the current wife, or the ex? If you got into a car accident today, would your home and other valuable assets be protected? September is…

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The Almighty 3 Pillars of Credit Card Success

The Almighty 3 Pillars of Credit Card Success - What you need to know before you send your kids to college credit card in hand!

  What You Need To Know BEFORE You Send Your Kids To College Credit Card In Hand! It takes 6 months to establish good credit, and one tiny purchase to destroy it. Take for example the story of Jon: your typical college student who charged $68 for a car battery. It was an unexpected expense,…

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I Know You Can Hear Me, But Are You Listening?

  Finding Solutions For Your Relationship Problems With Expert Barbara J. Peters   While it’s true that in past years the divorce rate in the US has been on the rise – as high as 40% – the current economy has been having an unexpected opposite effect. More couples are choosing to stay together. When…

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6 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom

  THEY Are Not Going To Fix It For You The reality of money problems and the 6-steps to financial freedom   By the time you read this, the U.S. national debt might just reach the 16 TRILLION dollar mark. That translates as roughly $140,000 of burden for every U.S. tax payer. Take a good…

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Are You Playing The When I Then I Game?

(Jay and his grandkids living Rich … making a GREAT investment in RELATIONSHIPS!) Are You Playing The When I, Then I Game? Your relationships, your health, your money – what’s keeping you from claiming your RichLife? One thing I hear a lot of when it comes to living a fulfilled life is what I affectionately…

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