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Money,Music, Medicine, and Meaning…

RichLife Story #16   Nancy    I met Nancy a couple of years ago at one of my “RichLife Keys to a Succesful Retirement” seminars.  We have worked together ever since on creating a strategy to insure a successful retirement.  But, what I want to talk about in today’s RichLife Story is what Nancy does…

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The Truth About Dead Presidents on Paper

The concept of money has an interesting effect on people.  The power they attribute to it would make one think that the picture of a dead president on piece of paper could create happiness and financial security.  Of course we know that’s a silly assumption.  But the fact is, people still live their entire lives…

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Life School – When The Bad Becomes Good

“Fear-driven people constantly fight, desire-driven people constantly want, pride-driven people constantly manipulate, mission-driven people constantly learn and teach, love-driven people constantly serve and enlighten…it’s always your/my choice” -Steve D’Annunzio When we start viewing life more like a school than a battlefield or chessboard, our lives, peace, and success improve dramatically. In college you enroll in a degree…

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