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How to Win the Mental Game of Retirement

How to Win the Mental Game of Retirement 7 key investments that can lead to greater fulfillment and happiness Studies focused on retirement satisfaction report that people retiring today are unhappier than ever before.[1] Experts in the field of retirement psychology find that while some individuals transition smoothly into their golden years, others have a…

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The Tortoise and The Hare, Revisited

The Tortoise and The Hare Revisited ~ Rick Almand When asked the question “What is the hardest part of a fitness program”, most people will answer “Sticking with it”. While the research has concluded that making the decision to start is actually the most difficult aspect, a strong case can be made for the fact…

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Taking Care of Your Primary Asset – The Integrals with Rick Almand

The Integrals – Rick Almand Today, I want to explore 3 aspects of physical training that are often times overlooked.  These components are vitally important if you want to optimize your fitness program and take care of your primary asset, your good health! The 3 are: flexibility, balance and proper breathing techniques…the ”˜Integrals’.  Without them,…

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