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“Join us every week for the Richest Hour on Radio! The RichLife Show is fast paced with a BIG mission to help listeners live healthy, wealthy, fulfilled lives on purpose by combining a highly engaging mix of education, entertainment, inspiration, and motivation.”

The RichLife Show is a fast paced hour of heart and fun celebrating over four years of helping audience members to experience healthier, wealthier and more fulfilled lives. The program’s undeterred mission is to guide folks to their own dreams by combining a highly engaging mix of education, entertainment, inspiration, and motivation. While the show’s format is financial Q&A, it is fully intertwined with the human side in all of us that drives whatever purpose the financial vehicle might serve. Beau Henderson lives what he imparts: “Helping You Live a Healthy, Wealthy, Fulfilled Life on Purpose” – in short, having your own RichLife!

Perhaps as an early precursor to this unique radio format, Beau completed his double-major degree in Psychology and Finance from the University of Georgia. Following his own challenges (similar to many raised by his callers on the air), Beau eventually became the CEO of RichLife Advisors where he now serves as Senior Financial Advisor, Master Certified Success Coach, and Certified Master Behavioral Analyst.

He has changed the game of financial planning with a refreshing mission that focuses on the whole person – as an asset. He accomplishes this by demonstrating a myriad of options for acquiring money in the way best suited to the individual’s own talents and inclinations. And, unlike a number of financial programs, callers are never left feeling berated or intimidated.

Beau Henderson and RichLife Advisors have been featured in multiple media!


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Join Beau Henderson and the full cast of characters every Saturday at

1:00 pm EST on the RichLife Show!

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Joy Allgood is a RichLife Trusted Local Business Advisor. She owns RelyLocal Hall County Georgia and is a Co-host of The RichLife Show. She is married to Kyle Allgood and the proud Mom of 3 kids, Graylon, Ragan and Izzy. Joy’s passion is to help local business owners thrive in Hall County Georgia. John Silva is a RichLife Trusted Local Advisor, co-host on The RichLife Show, owner of American Family Insurance in Buford GA, husband, and father of 2 active sons.  He adds value consistently to clients by helping them protect some of their most valuable assets. OZ is the man behind the curtain!! The Grand Puppeteer of the whole show! Without his incredible wit and wisdom, and amazing technical skills, the show would not be what it is today!! We are not certain about any of the other details of his life .. HOWEVER … we know that he is living his RichLife!