RichLife Radio Show – Guest Butch Miller – Selling Donuts to State Senator

Theme of the show: “Take Action” with Guest Butch Miller
On this show Beau Henderson & Joshua Jarvis had Butch Miller discuss what it means to be a Man of Action.  Butch told some great stories and it’s easy to see how and why he has won the State Senate seat for Georgia.  We didn’t talk politics, just good ole’ fashioned hard work and thinking on your feet.  This show is considered by many a MUST LISTEN.

You can find out more about Butch Miller at his website.

About Joshua Jarvis

Joshua Jarvis, Owner of SoMe Gurus - Marketing with a Purpose and Atlanta Real Estate Agent has had a client-first attitude since getting into the business many years ago. His partnership with Beau has enhanced his business offerring allowing for a full range of services from Coaching & Training to just basic Business Development.

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