The RichLife – Ten Investments For True Wealth

From Bestselling Author Beau Henderson

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The 10 Steps for Success With Money & Life

How to Raise Your Financial IQ

How to Create Your Personal Financial & Life Plan

And there’s so much more …[/text_block]


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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”32″ font_font=”Oswald” font_style=”normal” font_color=”%23008000″ font_spacing=”1″ top_padding=”10″ bottom_padding=”5″ line_height=”40″]Do you want to be rich? Do you know what to do with the money you have?  Do you have a financial & life plan congruent with your values, priorities & goals? What’s your definition of TRUE WEALTH?[/text_block]
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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]rsz_beau_close_side_laugh rightThe truth about money might surprise you. The answers to these questions will challenge you. Financial Advisor, Master Certified Success Coach and Certified Master Behavorial Analyst, Beau Henderson has a fresh new approach to wealth creation and investing. He will tell you things about money that no one else will – what it is, who it serves, and the effect it has on all areas of your life, including health, relationships, and business.

It doesn’t matter where you are with regards to your finances. You can make the 10 Investments and apply the one Master Principle outlined in this book to raise your financial IQ and get on track towards building a blueprint for true wealth that will leave a legacy for future generations. And … BEST of all … it is NOT as hard or as complicated as everyone else out there would like you to believe!

What if you too could learn the secrets to a RichLife, create a Rock Solid game plan for living and leaving a Legacy, and be more fulfilled than you ever believed was possible…. What kind of a difference would that make for you, your loved ones, your community and the world?[/text_block]

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Although a radio talk show host best-known as a Financial Advisor, Beau Henderson is also a “Life Advisor.” And, in this book, he demonstrates exactly why he has developed the raving fan base he has.


While the financial advice he provides is excellent, it’s his overall life advice that separates this book from many of the other excellent financial advice books on the market. The author’s instruction for building your financial future is carefully placed within the context of helping you to determine why and how it will help you live a life of genuine happiness and peace of mind.


While certainly the financial aspect is important – and the author makes no bones about that – he sees it as simply a part of the whole; one of a number of areas that makes for a successful life…indeed, a RichLife.


Excellent book and will be of great value to anyone who reads it.


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Here’s what you’ll learn within the covers of this life-changing book…

  • â–¶Wise Stewardship and creating favorable conditions for success.
  • â–¶How to master Your Money Map to be in the top 5%.
  • â–¶How to live your unique definition of a RichLife.
  • â–¶The connection between money and relationships.
  • â–¶How to quit repeating the same mistakes once and for all.
  • â–¶How to build a portfolio to ensure True Wealth.
  • â–¶Thieves that can take you out of the game and steal your RichLife.
  • â–¶The #1 Investment for you right now.
  • â–¶How to easily uncover your purpose.
  • â–¶The connection between money and health.
  • â–¶The one discipline that guarantees success.
  • â–¶How to increase your energy.
  • â–¶The importance of clarity.
  • â–¶Giving back and getting more.
  • â–¶How to invest in unique experiences.
  • â–¶Attaining the priceless asset – Peace of Mind.

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This book offers a refreshing message of focusing on all aspects of a truly rich life, one that is not based on financial success alone. As a financial advisor, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting with many people who have achieved this balanced state of success. Unfortunately, I’ve also worked with those who have attained impressive material wealth, but severely neglected several of the key investments that Beau teaches here, with debilitating results.

Beau outlines a principled, wisdom-based approach to create an abundant life that includes monetary wealth, physical health, sense of fulfillment and so much more. The RichLife is a powerful tool in our journey toward true wealth. This book should be required reading for all young people and, for money coaches, it is a phenomenal resource to share with clients.

Diane S.

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Beau walks you through investments to make in order to live a RichLife. The book is about investing in your life such as: taking care of and being grateful for what you have, having clarity, creating unique experiences, cultivating meaningful relationships, investing in your health, and one of my favorite chapters is viewing life as a school. RichLife also addresses the financial aspects of life such as: identifying your assets, transferring risk, and building a team of professionals to educate and support you.

A few of my favorite quotes are:
“You are the greatest asset you have”.
“how do you measure up with respect to being a steward of your thought energy”?
“With regards to life purpose: Once you have identified your gifts and talents, the most direct way to achieving success is to use them in the service of others”.
“Designing your RichLife and living out your life purpose is an inside job”.

There is alot of valuable information in The RichLife. The timing of the book was perfect for me and I enjoyed reading it. If you would like to live a RichLife, Beau’s book is a great resource. Thanks Beau!!

PS: Every Financial Advisor/Planner, Accountant, Attorney, Broker, and Insurance Agent should read this book!

David Kulp

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”30″ font_font=”Oswald” font_color=”%23F05B31″ font_spacing=”1″ top_padding=”5″ bottom_padding=”5″ line_height=”32″]Have you ever felt like you’re sleep walking through life and there’s supposed to be a whole lot more than what you’re actually experiencing?[/text_block]
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rsz_beau_full_850_x_1100What about a life that’s more than just going to work to pay the bills, a life with plenty of time to do the things you really want to do … actually have time to spend with the people that you love, a life that makes a difference? A life FILLED with PEACE of MIND?

You are not alone!
After working with over 4,000 financial planning clients and coaching hundreds of financial advisors, Beau discovered that those are the kinds of questions that keep people up at night … even people with millions of dollars in the bank!

A RichLife truly is about more than having a bank account full of money!

People today, more than ever, want to find meaning and purpose in their lives. They want to have happy, loving relationships. They want to enjoy outstanding physical health for as long as they live. They want to be able – mentally, physically, spiritually, financially – to create memorable experiences, to make a difference, to make a contribution to the world we live in, to life RICH!!!

People all over the world want to know how to create and live satisfying, happy, healthy, wealthy, fulfilled lives …

That’s what “The RichLife – 10 Investments For True Wealth”
will teach you how to do starting where you are at right now!


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Money is Only One Part of a Rich Life

This book is a very in-depth book on personal finance, but it is also a book on the personal philosophy of the author. He tells stories of people he’s worked with and how what they did with money was helpful or not helpful and how money is more than acquiring it. He includes excellent illustrations to get his points across. He gives an overall view of things to do to have a rich life that includes money, relationships, and clarity.

Eva P.Scott

The RichLife book is a road map to a happy and successful life …

At a time in life when we’re all looking for more, more money, more fun, more love, If you’re searching for more meaning and abundance in your life, then I highly recommend Beau Henderson’s “The RichLife” Ten Investments For True Wealth.

I connected with Beau’s book in many ways and I’m also finding it useful to teach my young daughter about stewardship, creating unique experiences, and other insights that have taken me years to learn.

From impactful ways to living a meaningful life to viewing life as a school, Beau has a way of teaching valuable life skills that create true wealth. Beau offers advice for building your financial future, finding happiness and peace of mind, illustrating what a Rich Life truly is. But more than just financial advice, it’s exceptional “life advice” that Beau brings to these pages and on his radio show.

The RichLife book connects and empowers readers to discover and live a fully abundant and Rich Life. This book could be considered a road map to a happy and successful life – showing readers how to manage assets, money, relationships, and health.

Steve Wall

Required Reading …

I think that when most people see a book about finances, they think boring, large terms and a lot of jargon that they just don’t understand. Well you’re in luck! This is no typical finance book. It’s an easy and delightful read that gives you a practical approach on how to handle not only your finances, but also gives you great advice on how to make your life “rich” in every aspect!

I really enjoyed this book. It brought me out of my “box” and caused me to think about the things that are important to me in life. It also helped me realize that the dreams I have about money and being happy are not too large for me accomplish. They are within my reach and I can succeed. I promise you if you buy this book, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase!


Blueprint For True Wealth …

Would you trade your health and happiness for wealth? No? Know why?

True wealth is holistic. It encompasses just not money but physical, spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing.

This book contains 10 Investments and one Master Investment principle to help you build true wealth. You’ll, also, learn about ideas of money that no longer serve you.

At the end of each chapter, there are portfolio builder exercises, suggestions for what you can do right now, today, to begin building your true wealth. There are no right or wrong answers. There are only your answers.
Read this book and be enriched in every way.

Mike Nach

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