What’s the Most Important Bank Account You Have?

4 tips for creating memorable experiences During retirement, we draw from our bank account, 401(k)s, IRAs and our savings accounts. But there’s another account we draw from even more – our memory bank. Over the years, I have talked with thousands of clients and retirees and they all tell me the same thing: it is…

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5 Money Mistakes She’ll Never Make Again

April was forty-two when she divorced Michael, and as a working mother of two, she wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. She fought for the house because staying home seemed important and Michael wanted her to have what she wanted. So she kept the house – along with the hefty mortgage…

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RichLife Experience Expert Interview with Mara Glazer

"Beau, I KNOW that I'm meant for something MORE!" …. I heard family, friends, clients, business colleagues, radio show listeners, even strangers on the street say those words over and over again … I KNEW that I had to do something to help … I am so tired of seeing people live broke and unfulfilled…

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Changing Your Life by Changing the Lives of Others

  Changing Your Life by Changing the Lives of Others RICHLIFE STORY SPOTLIGHT #20: Ron Combs and Average Joe Boot Camp   It’s been called a movement, a ministry, and a mission. It’s dropped pounds, healed hearts, and changed lives. Something meaningful has been going on every morning down at city park, Gainesville, Georgia. And…

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Why Do We Get Into Debt? One Couple’s Tough Lesson

Why Do We Get Into Debt? One couple’s tough lesson and how you can avoid it happening to you! by Beau Henderson We want the latest and greatest, the newest and fastest. Their job is to convince us that if we buy X, we will be happy and fulfilled, good-looking and loved. And it’s getting…

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