Retirement Planning

Are You Saving Enough to Retire on Time?

Last Updated When do you want to retire? When you are 62? 65? 70? Have you figured out how much you need to save to retire when you want to? According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s (EBRI) 2016 retirement confidence survey, 77% of workers polled said they expect to retire at a later age…

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How Can You Prepare Your Financial Plan for a Tax Increase?

Last updated Everyone has an opinion about taxes and depending on who you talk to, you will hear rumors about raising taxes, cutting taxes, or increasing taxes for the wealthy. One thing that most retirement planning professionals agree upon, though, is that taxes will most likely be going up in the future. Why Do Taxes…

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Is Your 401(k) Ready For Another Market Downturn?

Updated Many of us contribute to a 401(k) and are relying on it to support us in retirement, but do you know what investments make up your 401(k)? Do you know if your plan is set up to withstand a market storm? Market fluctuations are an expected piece of the economic cycle, but when it…

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Will Sequence-of-Returns Harm Your Retirement Savings?

sequence of returns, retirement planning, Beau Henderson, RichLife Advisors

Did you know there is a latent risk that could put your retirement in jeopardy, even if you’ve worked tirelessly through the years to reach your financial goals? Even if you’ve considered long-term care, health care, inflation, and other potential dangers to your portfolio, you could still be at risk of not having enough to…

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Do You Have Enough Liquidity in Your Retirement Plan?

risk, liquidity, returns, retirement planning, Beau Henderson,

There are common risks to your retirement that you have probably considered and factored into your planning, such as inflation, longevity, and health care. But a lesser-known threat that is just as important is that of liquidity. Liquidity risk is the inability to have assets available to financially support unanticipated cash flow needs. It means…

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