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Ask Beau | 4 Tips To Get Paper Clutter Organized

What should I keep and what should I throw away? I’ve got the spring cleaning bug and recently came across boxes and files of old financial statements. My husband is self-employed and has boxes of receipts, all filed and organized by year, but many of them are fading now so you can’t even read the…

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Ask Beau | Change Your Results By Changing Your Mindset

Yeah, I get it, but how do I DO it?    I’ve been trying to get my business going for five years now and I’m exhausted. I’ve read every book, tried sure-fire marketing methods and success formulas. Sometimes things work for a while but eventually I always end up back where I started: worried about…

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Ask Beau | Can I Lose Money In My Annuity?  

  My financial advisor set me up with an annuity that he said will give me a guaranteed income. I was talking to my neighbor about this and she said that annuities are terrible – that they can lose you money and have all sorts of high fees. Is she right? Can I lose money…

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