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3 Steps to defeating the fear of public speaking

Every year the fear of public speaking is listed as one of the number one most feared things to do.  The levels of anxiety around public speaking are usually unfounded.  They say that 99% of the things we worry about do not occur. Recently, we had Bill Lampton on our radio show talking about this…

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On our RichLife Radio show we’ve discussed being good stewards of our time and our energy.  One often overlooked aspect of balance with our life is resting.  Resting doesn’t just meaning getting a good night’s rest, although that is a good part of it.  It’s not just for your physical health either.  Resting is a…

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Jim Stroud Unplugged

Jim Stroud recently appeared on our RichLife Radio show and he had some great tips, but he was such a wealth of information and had sent us some great information that we wanted to share with you that we got through an off the air interview. Joshua: How did you get to where you are…

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Guest Blog – Jim Stroud on Getting the Job You Want

After the radio show, Beau and I really wanted more content from Jim, so here’s even more! Yes, so what would you say are your top 10 tips for job seekers and entrepreneurs? Create a strategy. Job Seekers tend to be be reactive. They begin looking as soon as they are fired or laid off…

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